Q: Is One14 Design Studio right for my organization?
The faculty in charge will determine if your organization is a fit for the student-run design studio. Your first step is to fill out an application with the Department of Art and Design, University of Indianapolis. We will then follow up with a strategy analysis to determine the scope of our partnership.

Q: When are you accepting project proposals?
Faculty advisors determine how many projects may be accepted in order to assure timely completion. The studio operates during the second semester, of the academic year, January through late April. Generally, project details must be finalized by the beginning of October for a January start date, although there may be exceptions for short-term projects. Contact One14 Design Studio for more information.

Q: Who owns the final design(s)?
The client owns the design. In return for services rendered, students will be allowed to display all work related to this project in his or her portfolio to be shared with others, including potential employers. Also, if said student ever encounters a situation in his or her career where he or she can utilize this experience, he or she is encouraged to do so. One14 Design may use the project work for appropriate award submissions.

Q: What are your prices for projects?
There is no charge to nonprofit or university clients for design services. There may be costs for a client associated with production such as printing, font purchases, or website development. Any anticipated costs of this nature will be discussed with clients in advance and as a project progresses.

Q: What is the timeline for projects?
Students working in teams under the supervision of faculty can accommodate a variety of design needs for non-profit organizations. We review projects throughout the year, and work with clients to identify the ideal start time based on the client’s needs and the duration of the project. Generally, we will try to fit timeline for projects within a 15-week academic semester.

Q: Whom do we contact to get started?
We can be contacted through email,, or phone, 317.886.8114. We also have an application online to start the process at (insert url here).

Q: Do you have a vender for projects or do we need to find our own?
As part of our services we will assist clients in finding the proper vender based on the project and cost.


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